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Law and tax issues, legal and tax audit

Our experts will help you to solve any situation in-time with your company with high quality of experties.

tax offices in a proper, timely and correct manner and to the necessary appropriate extent and to comply with the legal rules of the state in which he undertakes or intends to undertake or invest his resources, and to find his feet in the crinkum-crankum of laws and regulations which the entrepreneur encounters every day. However, it does not mean just fulfilling one´s obligations but also using and deriving benefit from all the rights to which the entrepreneur is entitled in order to optimize his expenditures and costs in the most legal manner.



We provide proper setting, staffing, bookkeeping and audit

relating to your company accounts.


Business counselling and company risk management

Operations of a company can be seen as an orchestra where every component is to know its notes and the conductor is to know who is to play what and when or do what and when. Operations of a company also mean good cohesion of all its components and their maximum exploitation with minimum costs. In the world there are new trends in management every year that can be used by the competition as well and if the management ignores or underestimates the new trends, it can have unfortunate consequences for the company.



Forensic services and enforcement of debts

We offer a number of services related to purchase and sale of a company and to possible disputes among shareholders and partners in equity investment companies. We help our clients during a merger or acquisition so that we minimize the risk of a dispute and maximize the value of the transaction. In cases when disputes cannot be avoided, our specialists will help you achieve the best possible result by means of a specially designed solution.

Counselling in health services

We provide comprehensive counselling services to increase quality and effectiveness of medical processes for both private and state medical facilities as well as for health insurance companies.



Transactional counselling

Investing is an important step of every entrepreneur and it is important to make the right and qualified decision based on well-prepared sources. We provide our clients with comprehensive and independent counselling services that help them objectively evaluate existing investment opportunities and implement transactions with maximum effectiveness.

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