Business counselling and company risk management

Operations of a company can be seen as an orchestra where every component is to know its notes and the conductor is to know who is to play what and when or do what and when. Operations of a company also mean good cohesion of all its components and their maximum exploitation with minimum costs. In the world there are new trends in management every year that can be used by the competition as well and if the management ignores or underestimates the new trends, it can have unfortunate consequences for the company.

The abilities of our associates enable us to deliver integrated solutions. We help companies identify processes and areas providing opportunities for short-term benefits as well as creation of long-term values.

Company risk management


We help our clients at all levels anticipate, understand and reduce all strategic and operational risks. More and more ambitious business goals go hand in hand with increasing risks. Therefore, we help our clients effectively manage these risks and flexibly react to the changing conditions on the market.


We mainly offer the following services:

  • evaluation of controls
  • internal audit services
  • safe e-Business
  • integrity of processes and systems
  • project quality audit
  • business restoration plans
  • correctness and quality of data


Services related to reorganization of a company


Companies in distress need a fast measure that will help stop losses, keep assets and draw up a long-term restoration plan where possible. Our consultants will help you restore your company and reorganize your commercial activities.

They offer services in the following areas:

  • administration of bad loans
  • analysis of viability of a company or of its components
  • enforcement of debts and restructuring
  • compulsory administration
  • drawing up of processes and strategies


Effective public administration


Public administration has to constantly react to the changing conditions and increasing requirements of the public that is getting used to a proactive client-oriented approach provided to them by the private sector.
We as counsellors understand the mutual relationships and influences on the state and on the business and public worlds in the broader sense of the word. This enables us to provide our public sector clients with practical solutions leading to the increase of their effectiveness.

The services we provide focus mainly on:

  • change of the organization and processes in public institutions
  • enhancement of the ability of public administration authorities and self-government authorities to cooperate
  • provision of a higher standard of services to the public
  • finding new ways of providing services and information to the public
  • improvement of the ability to use modern information technologies
  • change in the area of trading and long-term relationships with the private sector

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